eLase™ - Diode laser

Highly Effective. Safe on All Skin Types. Maximum Treatment Options

eLase™ powered with Motif LHR™ is a pain free hair removal treatment that has the diode laser platform and delivers safe and effective treatments on the widest variety of skin and hair types.

The Motif LHR hair removal modes are both effective and comfortable with increased patient safety and reduced treatment times on All Skin Types. This is the first and only technology that uses combined energies to effectively and gently removes hair of many colours and types from all skin tones.

The NEW Motif IR applicator is a safer, more efficient way of treating superficial skin texture and pore size for overall facial rejuvenation with zero downtime.

This procedure has many benefits and advantages:

  • Pain free treatment
  • No need for anesthetics
  • Fast and more comfortable hair removal
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Hair follicles are precisely targeted and destroyed
  • Both men and women can be treated
  • Successfully treats all body and face areas
  • Can treat all hair diameters and depths
  • Only 4-6 treatments required
  • Long lasting results
  • It is affordable

Centrifuge for PRP

Here at Prime, PRP prepared fresh at the clinic using specialized centrifuges. Centrifuge puts fast blood separation at your fingertips, greatly reducing turn-around time. The Platelet Poor Plasma Mode (PPP) provides serum or plasma separations in 2 or 3 minutes. The Platelet Rich Mode (PRP) provides for the development of platelet rich plasma in only 30 seconds.

Features ensure quality results fast

  • Rapid processing. Tubes can be processed as they arrive, no need to wait for batches.
  • Accepts 10.25 x 47mm through 16 x 100mm tubes.
  • Whisper quiet


eCO2 is the premier fractional ablative laser that delivers the full spectrum of resurfacing treatments to your busy practice.  Featured with Controlled Chaos Technology (CCT), eCO2 is an algorithm to pseudo-randomly deliver each micro laser beam and by placing maximum distance between sequential beams the system eliminates cross thermal diffusion between adjacent Micro-ablative Columns (MACs). 

This allows the tissue to maximize heat dissipation between shots. The result is an increased safety profile with a reduction in post-operative discomfort and faster healing time leading to unparalleled fractional resurfacing results.


  • Patients are attracted to low risk, minimal downtime treatments
  • Controlled Chaos Technology creates pseudo-random microwound patterns to minimize heat build-up, minimize downtime, increase safety and maximize patient comfort.
  • Ergonomic and compact design.
  • Proven reliability.
  • Easily adjust treatment parameters through intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Capable of delivering fractional, full field ablative, incisional and excisional laser treatments.
  • Two energy delivery modes (dynamic and static) further increase versatility and control over outcomes.

MV-9 Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser

MV-9 Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser is an unique system which combines two lasers in one unit to treat an unprecedented range of Epidermal, Dermal & Dermal – Epidermal lesions.

MV9 Q-switched Nd:YAG laser radiates the light with a specific wavelength in high peak energy pulse; hence the light penetrates the tissue only for an ultra-short nanosecond. The light is absorbed by the pigment tissue and results in an instantaneous blast, that is Light blasting principle. The pigment particles are shattered into fragments, parts of them will be bounced out of the skin and other parts will be split into tiny particles that can be engulfed by phagocytes and then metabolized by the lymphatic system.

MV-9 Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser can be used for various Medical applications such as :

  • Dermal-epidermal  Lesions
  • Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Colored pigmented lesions
  • Tattoo Removal

Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation is a versatile dermatological procedure used for surgical management of various skin growth and lesions i.e. Wart, corn, mole, skin tag, and tumour.

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) has gained importance in the recent years as it is highly effective in the cutting of the skin lesions with adequate hemostasis at the same time because of good coagulation. RFA is done with UM150A RADIO FREQUENCY SURGICAL UNIT. This unit adopts 4.8MHz Radio Frequency in order to have the optional surgery results of minimal bleeding, minimizing thermal damage to tissues.

Radiofrequency can be used for incisional techniques that produce full-thickness excision of nevi, shave techniques that produce partial-thickness removal of superficial lesions and removing vascular lesions such as hemangiomas or pyogenic granulomas.

RFA is a simple, safe procedure with wider applications. It causes less lateral heat spread and tissue damage and provides better control in comparison to electric cautery.

As hemostasis occurs simultaneously, the time required for the surgery is less. There are fewer side effects and complications. RFA can be easily combined with other surgical modalities such as cryotherapy and laser for treatment.